how i feel everytime i look at the contents of my favorite foods *sigh* time to say goodbye! ;p

I took in a little more calories than yesterday, about 614 for breakfast. Meaning lunch will be small (protein shake with fruit) & dinner I’ll have one salmon & veggies. I plan ok working out after I finish my homework. Arms in the afternoon & legs before bed! (Bf recommended I workout twice a day, and try the clean jerk so I’ll be practicing it !

This morning I ate: 2 flour tortillas, 2 large eggs scrambled with,1 cup of mushrooms sliced (white), one slice of cheese American singles, calcium orange juice (kroger brand, not sure if thats good or not) and one pickle for a snack (van holten, 0 calories) and so far it has all amounted to 526 calories! I have 1,064 calories left. I started using My fitness pal and its pretty awesome, it helps me keep track of what I’m eating. ( I tend to snack alot and eating a bigger breakfast helps cut down on that)

I plan to lose my lil pudge and tone my arms and legs, but I need to begin with the kitchen! I’m not gonna lie, this is as exciting as it was when I started my natural hair journey, I like to see good changes and improvement!

Ok this stuff is amazing! My bf and I really liked this sorbet. & it’s healthy!(I have a bad habit of overeating sorbet but with this, it’s yummy enough to savor.) I’ll always eat this from now on or frozen peach slices if I want something sweet.

Yummy brown rice, steak, & green beans (with hints of lemon) all made by my bf for me. He taught me how to cook steak. Can’t wait to add this to my diet! Chicken breasts are yummy but steak is just the bees knees! Time to switch it up a bit. :3

It’s not pretty but it’s healthy, haven’t even added the brown rice yet. :)

I ended up missing breakfast again for staying up late. So a soon as I got up, I ate 3 pieces of toasted wheat bread, 2 boiled eggs plain, & oatmeal with a little peanut butter. Did a few warm up squats without weights, shoulder stretches, and moved my whole 300lb weight set from one side of my room to the other. (piece by piece)

I’m baking chicken filets now, gonna add brown rice, & asparagus alll for dinner. And as for after my workout, I’m gonna use my protein as a small lunch replacement. I must eat 3 meals a day or I will be starving like a stray cat towards midnight!

Also my bf wrote me out a very cool workout to do after I finish up this oatmeal.